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" We offer you a fun, We offer you an exciting, We offer you an adventure, We offer you a relaxing
We LOVE everyone. We can see your beauty. We can hear your need. We can feel your feelings!
We all have differences. We APPRECIATE the differences.
Our wisdom flows from the great nature. We respect the great nature in you. We are welcome you here "
Lets Us Have Fun Together .. 
" Sesungguhnya ini benar-benar pemberian KAMI,
yang tidak ada baginya daripada sebarang penghabisan " .. { surah Sad 38:54 }
"smart people choose adventure" .. Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
" kami membantu syarikat swasta atau kerajaan, universiti atau kolej, pegawai atau peserta menjalin hubungan mesra dan gembira
sambil LALALALA membina terapi endorfin membunuh stereoid berlebihan akibat tekanan kerja melampau
dengan merealisasikan serta menzahirkan empat asas unsur insani secara semulajadi yang dirumuskan didalam
model pembentukan pasukan dan digariskan melalui panduan 7 Prinsip Kejayaan Kehidupan Alquran dan Sunnah "
Professional Learning Team Facilitator ..
MOF Certificate No : K10139524182330691
MOF Registration Ref : 357-0002309734
MOF Validation : 07/08/2019 - 06/08/2022
HRDF Certificate No : TTT/10849
our vision is to become a
Global Corporate Team Building
Outdoor Recreation Company
in order to share and delivered
a Role Model Of Teambuilding Stage (DCUPS)
into a great relationship
creating a fun and creative environment
To Polish Your People With Rebranding Exercise In Order
To Create A Various Team Identification
To Deliver A Message And Information
Without Borders And Barries
Guideline With The Principle Nature Of Law
To Understand Your People's Role and Responsibility
And Learn By Default
To Perform And Balancing A Complete Human Paradigm
To Enhance The Synergy Process
And Build Up A Worldwide Connection
To Produce The Best Result And Easily Apply Understandable
The SEVEN Behaviour Outdoor Best Practises
1. Team Coaching System (TCS)
A system develop by streamlining
all fundamental action elements in a person
to enable individual to gain support,
build team spirit and lead team effort
into agreed team goals and objectives
for team excellence through structured inter team rivalry
2. Advanced Experiental Learning (AEL)
A process devised to accelerate the learning curve.
Experientially designed by taking into account factors
involving human capital development, whole brain learning,
thinking methodologies, cognitive behaviour,
individual skill and multiple intelligent
Four Basic Human Element

Health Attitude At Langkawi Kedah

Photographed In: Pantai Chenang, Pulau Langkawi
Description: Helath Attitude with NIOSH

Fun Attitude At Klebang Melaka

Photographed In: Puteri Resort, Klebang Melaka
Description: Fun Attitude with MBB

Teamwork Attitude at Sg Sedim Kedah

Photographed In: Sg Sedim Kedah
Description: Teamwork Attitude with BKRM

Spiritual Attitude at Ayer Keroh Melaka

Photographed In: Kompleks Belia Sukan Ayer Keroh
Description: Spiritual Attitude with Jabatan Pergigian Negeri Melaka
Benefit For The Whole Entire Of The Organization Itself
We guide you on how to improve
your team communication,
stimulating creativity,
solving problems as a team,
resolving internal conflict
and obtaining consensus.
We introduce the team building principle,
including your team player style,
This unique combination of theory,
tools and practice,
plus lots of team building exercise
will change your team
into a high performance team.
If you want to develop your team leadership skills
and unleash the talent
of your individual team members
and become a High Performance Team,
contact us for help right now
Team Building
Date published: 09/29/2015
Designed Suitable Program For YOU
We undertake any type
of team building programs
and like treasure hunt we can conduct
at hotels or resorts area in Malaysia.
The range of team building programs
is from indoor corporate team building games,
outdoor adventures example raft building,
high and low obstacles course, compass orienteering,
white water rafting, white water tubing, paintball wargames,
creative problem solving, conflict management and so many
Team Building
Date published: 09/29/2015

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Work as a TEAMWORK
Stay In Your Position
Be Among Your Friends
Do it Together
Directed by: Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
Starring: Ahmad Afzal, Nasaruddin, Mohd Mahyuddin
Uitm Kuala Chendering Terengganu
Staff Of Uitm Kuala Chendering Terengganu
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure

Directed by: Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
Starring: Ikbal Salam Associates Lawyer Firm Johor Bahru
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
Conquer the Fear
See Our Adrenalin Rush
Relax And Easy
Improve Our HEALTH
Directed by: Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
Starring: Sir Andy Craddock
Sophia Tsemitsidis
Guide Of Sg Kampar
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
Directed by : Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
KPDNKK Kedah Team
Guide Of Sg Sedim
Rapid Fire & Team Members
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
Remove All The Sickness
Strengthen The Body
Enter The Gate Of Rejuvenation
Have A Real FUN
Starring : Company Of UMSB SABAH
Universal Motor SDN BHD
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure
Have The Team SPIRIT
Our Wisdom Flows From The Great Nature
Move and Rise With Smile
Directed by : Teambuilding Irwan Md Azahar
Starring : Goverment Sector Of KPDNKK
KPDNKK Johor Bahru
Teambuilding Malaysia Adventure

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